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Rocket Man Plus

SKU: M1001

The Rocket Man Plus Beer Dispensing Backpack, Model M1001, is uniquely designed for dispensing ice cold, draft beer. This portable beer dispensing back pack features a convenient, insulated hose with nozzle for serving up to 384 ounces of any draft beer.

The Rocket Man Plus is a mobile draft beer dispenser measuring 22 inches high x 12 inches wide and weighs approximately 42 pounds when full. The easy to carry, portable beer back pack holds up to 3 gallons of draft beer and includes a convenient cup dispenser for 2-16 oz cups. The Rocket Man Plus insulated draft beer dispenser also comes with a mini CO2 cylinder and an insulated beer dispensing hose with Quick Connect. Check out the instructional carbonated demonstration video on the Rocket Man Plus.

Rocket Man offers a complete line of replacement and spare parts for the Rocket Man Plus Beer Dispenser Backpack. Don’t forget to purchase your Rocket Man Fill Kit to transfer draft beer from the keg to the beverage tank. Purchase a spare beverage tank and cup dispenser for quick change ups. Rocket Man offers replacement sign covers; as well as, custom sign inserts printed with your own design.


Serving Size Servings
6 ounce 64
8 ounce 48
10 ounce 38
12 ounce 32
16 ounce 24
24 ounce 16

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