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Rocket Man Junior

SKU: M4002

The Rocket Man Junior Drink Dispensing Backpack, model M4002, serves non-carbonated hot and cold beverages on the go. Serve your favorite hot or iced coffee, tea, wine, liquor, juice, soup and more! The Rocket Man Junior portable beverage dispenser holds up to 1.3 gallons and weighs up to 16 pounds when full.

Rocket Man Junior mobile drink dispenser backpack is 22 inches high x 12 inches wide and dispenses non-carbonated beverages from a convenient insulated hose. The drink dispensing back pack includes a cup dispenser for 2-12 ounce cups; as well as, a convenient sleeve for a sign insert. The insulated hose with nozzle features a quick connect attachment for fast refills. Check out our non-carbonated mobile beverage backpack demonstration video.

Rocket Man offers a full selection of spare and replacement parts for the Rocket Man Junior beverage serving backpack. Don’t forget your Rocket Pump; required to operate the Rocket Man Junior mobile drink dispensing back pack. You may also stock up on a spare beverage tank for faster refills, back-up cup dispenser and replacement dispensing hose for the Rocket Man Junior. Rocket Man also offers cleaning solution to keep your Rocket Man Junior portable beverage serving back pack clean and healthy. In addition, you will want to take advantage of a custom sign insert printed with your own artwork for the Rocket Man Junior drink dispensing backpack, or order a replacement sign cover.


Serving Size Servings
4 ounce 41
6 ounce 27
8 ounce 20
10 ounce 16

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