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Company Background

Rocket Man Equipment Company, based in Louisville, Kentucky (USA), is the worldwide leading provider of portable beverage dispensing products.

The Corporation has emerged as a leader in the worldwide beverage industry by establishing a proven track record for developing innovative dispensing solutions.

Export sales have been an engine of growth for Rocket Man. Recently, the company was named by the World Trade Center as the fastest growing exporter in Kentucky and has been recognized by numerous publications for its rapid expansion.

Rocket Man Distribution Program

Rocket Man has made a strong commitment to a direct sales strategy. The Company reaches customer prospects through a well-rounded marketing plan, including a combination of industry trade shows, direct marketing, print advertising, public relations, and Internet marketing.

A small portion of Rocket Man’s international sales are made through overseas distributors. With this approach, foreign distributors purchase dispensing equipment from our factory at a 20% discount and resell them to local customers. The distributors usually carry samples of each product for sales presentations and maintain an inventory of spare parts for normal servicing operations.

It is our policy to select and work with distributors in each defined territory on a trial basis for 12 months. This arrangement gives both parties the flexibility to learn about each other’s capabilities, establish trust, and evaluate the sales potential for Rocket Man products in the local market. Our goal is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our distributors.

Distributor Qualification Process

Rocket Man takes pride in setting a high standard for its authorized representatives. We follow a consistent procedure for selecting and qualifying distributors in order to maintain a standard throughout the world.

The first step is for the Distributor to complete the Distributor Information Profile and submit the application to Rocket Man. We will work with prospective distributors to evaluate the market potential in the desired territory. Once the marketing plan is mutually agreed to and the Distributor purchases samples for customer demonstrations, the Distributor is appointed as an authorized representative.

The Next Steps

If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity further, please review our Distributor Standards on our web site.

Upon receipt of this information, we will contact you to discuss a possible distributorship in more detail.