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Rocket Man Equipment Company, the leading marketer of portable beverage dispensers, takes pride in setting a high standard for its authorized distributors. Identification with Rocket Man means more than just our name and reputation.

The value of Rocket Man lies in our ability to deliver substantially the same quality product and customer service in every corner of the world. It is imperative that Rocket Man representatives are selected to ensure that we maintain a consistent standard of excellence throughout the world.

Complimentary Business

The Distributor should already have their "foot in the door" by marketing food/beverage products or services to our target markets (beverage companies, stadium venues, etc.). Example: Sells counter-top drink dispensers to soft drink companies.

Knowledge of Beverage Industry

The Distributor should have a good understanding of the different beverage categories in their territory - wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, juice, coffee, and tea.


The Distributor must be able to dedicate sufficient time to the Rocket Man product line.

Satisfactory Bank & Trade References

All Rocket Man representatives must submit an Information Profile prior to their appointment as an authorized representative.

Ability To Purchase Samples

A Distributor must be financially able to purchase samples, spare parts and inventory to properly serve their territory.

Marketing/Promotion Budget

The Distributor must be able to develop and implement an aggressive marketing plan: (1) Produce product brochures in the local language, (2) Attend industry trade shows, and (3) Utilize direct mail to solicit business. The Distributor must submit an approved marketing plan prior to being appointed as an authorized Rocket Man representative.

Positive Attitude

More than any other attribute, the Distributor must have the proper attitude and communication skills. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to market this product line successfully.

12 Month Trial

The Distributor will be given distribution rights for an initial term of 12 months. If they demonstrate an ability to sell our products during the trial period, they will be given a renewal option.